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TR - 200

TT - 200

TT - 210

Entry level Clock Machine

Prints in Black "Normal Time"

Prints in Red "Exceptions"

Optional Siren Interface

"Old Faithful"

Virtually "Bullet Proof"

Prints in Black "Normal Time"

Prints in Red "Exceptions"

Optional Siren Interface

Date & Time Stamp

Document Tracker

Monitor Document Flow Identify Process Bottlenecks

Optional Battery Backup

Your company's staff complement is the most important (and probably the most expensive) asset. Monitoring their time and attendance at work is an important role in the controlling of you expenses. Above are examples of the basic "Old fashioned" clock card machines, that we have been supplying since 1992, to help smaller companies with the time & attendance function. Believe it or not this "old fashioned" technology is still extremely popular, but if you are looking for something more up to date i.e. biometrics please click on the tabs above and below.  FINGERPRINT?


We also supply card racks and clock cards.


Other Technology























Fingerprint Readers

Eliminate Buddy Clocking

Some readers used for Access Control

Ideal for Shift Workers

Facial Recognition

Cannot clock for each other

Some readers used for Access Control

Optional Facial Only or

Facial and Fingerprint

RFID Proximity Readers

Access Control Security

Server Rooms, Front Doors etc.

Proximity Card Reader

iButton option available

Job Costing

Control Expenses

Monitor Productivity

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Concentrate on your most profitable products.

Clock Card Machines is part of the Sentri Systems stable, home of the renowned TurboTime T & A software